Kochieboy's awesome avatar (currently)

Kochieboy is a wellknown Blockland Forums user. He frequently post in many off topic threads. He has made a couple text adventures, like "Drowned in Sorrow".

Guidelines on meeting Kochieboy:

1. Don't even try to piss me off, you will only cause a shitstorm by doing that. You'll probably become so embarassed that you consider suicide.

2. Respect my opinons, everyone deserves a chance to share opinions, and it's good and moral for you to listen.

3. Don't be stupid. (Example , in other words, don't be a lord tony.)

4. If we all can get along, I'll bury my hatchet if you irritated me before.

5. If you don't like the furry/brony fandom, then just deal with it, okay. (Read guideline #3)

Follow these guidelines, and you might not make me angry.

Oh no! This is the end of his page!

Screams externally00:09

Screams externally

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