ExecPaper is an infamous blocklandian, who has been playing since version 11/12 of the game. The last recorded name of this player is "Panpour5"

ExecPaper in his natural habitat
Name: ExecPaper
Also known as: Exec/Paper
BL_ID: 14516
Place of birth: Pittsburgh, PA, U.S
Home: Pittsburgh, PA, U.S
Nationality: N/A
Known for: Eventing/Hosting
Favorite Vehicle(s): IRL: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

In game: Vortex

Past Server's hostedEdit

This mysterious player has hosted:

  • Challenge/Parkour/Puzzle maps
  • City RPGs
  • On rare ocassions, super kart
  • A one time FNAF Rpg (Not those rps you all hate)


Some hobbies include:

  • Eventing (Especially VCE or bots)
  • Speed kart/ Superkart
  • City RPGS


  • His favorite type of music is Alternative metal and rock